Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Madison Gish but you can call me Madi. I am passionate about helping others through design and utilizing their data. I'm a self-proclaimed lifelong learner with a love of bringing people together and implementing change.

I'm a senior studying computer science, I have learned a lot about databases and object-oriented programing. Outside of the class I am a self-taught designer and have enjoyed researching topics like UX strategy, user research, and information architecture. I am a highly motivated, idealist big-picture thinker who enjoys order and understanding others.

My Values

Life-Long Learner

Today’s era of ever-changing technology is both a challenging and exciting time to live in. Never has been easier to satisfy one’s natural curiosity on literally any topic. I find that there is not much more fulfilling than learning something new. I am enjoying being able to challenge and improve myself by watching tutorials, and informative videos, reading blog posts, or starting a new project.

Patience is Key

No one likes the feeling of being stressed. Whether you make a rushed decision, or you are not feeling heard, it is no fun. Practicing patience could alleviate these feelings, at its root, it is emphasizing thinking over feeling, being more focused on being present, and accepting setbacks.


Everyone needs a creative outlet, and there are tons to choose from, from painting to singing to playing a sport. The best thing about being creative is the possibilities are truly endless.


It does not matter who you are, you deserve to feel seen and understood. Validate and ask questions about others' opinions and values, because at the end of the day we could all learn a little bit more about each other, you may be surprised as to what you did not know. It could not only challenge your bias, but it may open your eyes to a solution you never thought possible.